Welcome to my webpage!

Hi there! My name is Amruta Jaodand (pronounced as A-mru-th-aa J-a-v-dha-ndh). Currently, I am a postdoctoral reseacher in the NuSTAR group at Caltech's Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy . I would describe myself as a multi-wavelength astronomer and astroinfomatics afficianado with a deep passion for outreach.


I specialise in various observational manifestations of neutron stars such as millisecond pulsars, magnetars, gravitational wave engines and X-ray binaries. I use multiwavelength observations spanning Gamma-ray, X-ray, UV, optical and radio wavelengths. I conduct these observations with various ground and space-based facilities such as XMM, NuStar, Swift, Green Bank Telescope, ZTF and VLA etc. I have co-authored 40 observation proposals and successfully led twenty-six of them in the capacity of a principal investigator and/or co-investigator with significant contribution.

Another focus area for me is astroinformatics - an intesection of astronomy, machine learning, data science and communication. I am exploring the discovery potential of large scale astronomical datasets. In this role, I have multiple years of experience in bringing together astronomers and industry specialists in interdisciplinary sessions to identify and work on challenges of exascale daatsets.

You can find my published works here.


You can download my currculum vitae here.


I am passionate about promoting science with a focus on inspiring students from diverese, traditionally under-represented groups to consider STEM pathways. I have presented multiple, high profile public lectures, organised star gazing nights and visited schools both virtually and in person to interact with students.